The Leaders of the Future of Industry have been selected. We are proudly presenting the winners of the Best of Industry 4.0 competition.

A project initiated by an opinion-making economic portal, the Best of Industry 4.0 has been founded on the knowledge of Polish industry, the experience of journalists, as well as cooperation with factory directors, engineers and specialists in modern production.

The first edition of the competition demonstrated the strong need to identify best practices, share unique experience related to industry digitization processes, as well as popularize latest technologies and their use in business.

Invited to evaluate the projects entered for the Best of Industry 4.0 will be representatives of cutting-edge European and Polish industry companies, leading suppliers and implementers, practitioners, academics and experts in the field of Industry 4.0.

The proven formula of The Best of Industry 4.0 allowed the winners to be selected in two complementary categories: Production Facility and Technology.

In the first category, the jury awarded manufacturing plants in which Industry 4.0 solutions have been effectively implemented, while skillfully planned and efficiently conducted digitization processes have yielded tangible results on the way to creating the "factory of the future." Meanwhile, in the second category, the awards were given to exceptional, innovative, ahead-of-the-curve industry solutions that dramatically improve processes, create unique opportunities, and bring the user to a new level of digital transformation.

The decoration of the winners accompanied the New Industry 4.0 Conference and the TOOLEX International Trade Fair of Machine Tools, Tools and Processing Technologies.